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Our Expertise: We are high-level Problem Solvers

In an ever-changing industry, it is vital to understand and apply safety controls and measures to reduce and eliminate risk. Many of these regulations are difficult to navigate without a full-time safety staff or resource. The trucking industry is low on profit margin which is not conducive for everyone due to poor unlimited resources into their safety department. NOW you don’t have to with 7 C.D.S. and C.S.S. on staff we are positioned more than anyone in the country to not only navigate these regulations but interrupt them to fit your unique operation at an incredibly affordable cost. We understand each company should be approached from a solitary standpoint that will allow a tailored compliance program unique to that company.

With our proprietary software and safety programs we will ensure you and your drivers are not only compliant but aware of key violations and regulations that can put you directly on the DOTs’ radar. We separate ourselves from the competition by being high level problem solvers that constantly yearn to learn all regulations and how they can impact even the smallest 1 man trucking companies. We then take this knowledge and pair it with our passion to serve and teach to create an unstoppable team that will fight and plan for you and your drivers.

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