Pre Audit Prep

We Will Prepare You for Your Upcoming Audit

Are you expecting the DOT or FMCSA for an audit or review? We will help you prepare by reviewing company files, policies, and procedures. This includes:
  • Review Company Policies for CSA Compliance
  • Review DQ Files
  • Review Maintenance Files
  • Audit Log Summaries
  • Review Drug and Alcohol Procedures
  • Review Crash Reports and Review Accident registers
  • Review Out of Service Violations
  • Review DVIR’s

Our team has been able to successfully mitigate any potential fines and down grade by thouroughly reviewing all safety controls and measures. Your potential saving reach in the 10s of thousands of dollars

If you are unprepared for your audit you may face fines, a rating downgrade, or a shut-down order. Our experienced safety team will ensure that you are aware of potential violations and CSA compliant in areas where violations are preventable.

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