Safety Management Plans for Safety Fitness Determination Upgrade

A DOT audit can result in a Safety Fitness Rating of Conditional or Unsatisfactory. This means that you will be fined, your insurance rates will likely increase, and can affect your ability to get brokered loads. The process to get an upgrade takes time and there are specific requirements that must be followed. We can help. We are a national company and have working relationships with state DOT’s and FMCSA Regional Service Centers. We will work with you to prove that corrective actions have been taken by your company and request your upgrade.
  • Has a compliance review left you with a Conditional or Unsatisfactory rating?
  • Are you being denied loads?
  • Have your insurance rates increased?
  • Have you been denied an upgrade request?
  • Have you received a Notice of Claim?
Common Acute and Critical Violations that must be addressed for an upgrade include:
  • 382.115A – Failing to Implement an Alcohol and/or Drug Testing Program
  • 382.305 – Failing to Implement Random Controlled Substance or Alcohol Testing Program
  • 387.7A – Inadequate or No Financial Responsibility
  • 172.880B – Transporting Hazardous Materials Without a Security Planv
  • 383.37A – Allowing Driver to Operate with Suspended/Revoked/etc. CDL
  • 382.215 – Using a Driver Who Has Tested Positive for a Drug
  • 391.11A – Using an Unqualified Driver
  • 391.11B41 – Using a Physically Unqualified Driver
  • 390.35 – Requiring, Permitting or Making False Statements or Records
  • 396.11A – Failing to Require Driver to Prepare Vehicle Inspection Report
  • 395.8A – No Drivers Record of Duty Status
  • 382.301A – Using a Driver Before Receiving a Pre-Employment Result
  • 391.51B2 – Inquiries into Employment Record Not Kept in Diver Qualification File
  • 396.17A – Using a CMV not Periodically Inspected
  • 395.8E – False Report of Drivers Record of Duty Status
  • 395.8K1 – Retention of Driver’s Record of Duty Status
  • 382.305B2 – Failing to Do Random Drug Tests at Applicable Annual Rate
  • 396.3B – Failing to Keep Minimum Records of Inspection and Maintenance
  • 395.81 – Failing to Submit Record of Duty Status within 13 day

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